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A couple weeks ago I sprung for the new multiplayer map pack for Call of Duty 4. Having kinda/sorta mastered the maps that shipped with the game, I was ready to play die on some new real estate. Now that I’ve played them many times, I’m ready to give you my take on the ones I’ve played most. The map pack, if you haven’t heard, consists of Creek, Broadcast, Chinatown and Killhouse maps. The first three are the ones you’ll see most in the public Xboxlive multiplayer arenas. Killhouse is more for room-to-room action for training and private parties.

That said, here’s my take on the three maps I’ve played most:


Chinatown grab

I love the atmosphere here. The lighting and details of this map definitely puts you in C-town. I could almost smell the ramen noodles! The many rooms, nooks and crannies made it a tough arena for me. It’s definitely for the run-and-gun player. I have yet to find a truly great place to snipe from here. I’ve read where it’s very similar (if not a re-skinned version) of the COD2 Carentan map. Since I’ve never played COD2, I can’t say. It’s a claustrophobic experience running from room to room scampering across second-floor awnings to ducking into basements and kitchens below street level. I die here… a lot. 


Creek grab

This map’s sniper heaven. It’s got high ground on both sides of the map and a ravine running up the middle. Many good sniping areas can be found. There’s also a cave where you can release the inner mole as well as houses with accessible roofs on which to scamper. I’ve had some success here as a sniper and love planting claymores in the cave entrances. 


Broadcast grab

The Broadcast is set in, you guessed it, a television broadcast facility in an unnamed Middle Eastern country. The action on this map is spread out over a wide area. There’s plenty of sniping spots as well as lotsa rooms for close-in action. Grenades seem popular here. Listen for the tinkle. I like sniping and grenading here. 

The price of all this goodness? A measly 800 credits. Money well spent. You should buy this. Go. 

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