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Don’t rush to delete your images. I constantly remind photographers never to edit in the field. When you delete your images during a shoot, you a tendency to toss photos you should have kept. I’ve regretted doing this enough times that it’s become second nature not to delete anything till much later. I don’t even recommend deleting images after the first edit is complete. Why? I’ve found too many good photos “hiding” in images that didn’t make the first cut well after the fact. Putting some time between your first edit and your “later” edit allows you to concentrate on the image, not the problems you may or may have had in getting it.¬†

Case in point is this photo of an osprey. This photo was missed in the first edit due mainly to the fact that the osprey was very small in the frame. This bird was really high overhead when I made this grab shot but, thanks to my Canon 5D’s full frame sensor, I was able to crop in to the bird and discover that it was carrying a large fish! The photo won’t win any contests due to the extreme crop, but I’m happy to add it to my personal collection of “found” photos anyway. I wouldn’t have found it had I deleted the images after the first edit.

So, don’t delete too soon. Storage memory is cheap. Hold on to your images for a while; then take a closer look — you might¬†be surprised at what you find!

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