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Just wanted to let everyone know I’ve migrated this blog over to my website. Please change your bookmarks to reflect the new address:


I hope you follow me to my new digs. The blog has a new look I think you’ll like. This move will allow me to offer more features in the future and, hopefully, attract more viewers.

See you there!


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I came up with this neat little memory/visual trick to let me know at a glance the charge state of my NiMh batteries. It’s really simple. If your batteries are fresh from the charger, orient all the positive ends in the same direction when you store them. If your batteries have been used, simply flip one of the batteries (I charge in units of four) around so that three will show the positive ends, and the fourth will be, of course, negative and the indicator of your batteries’ condition. The photo below illustrates what a set ready for recharge looks like. 


If the batteries arent all showing the same pole, its time for a recharge!

If the batteries aren't all showing the same pole, it's time for a recharge!

 One more battery-related tip…look for the new low-discharge NiMh batteries. Instead of draining 1% of their power per DAY, these babies will lose 1% of their juice over a MONTH! That means you can toss ’em into your camera bag and be confident that they’ll be ready to work six months from now. They cost a bit more but, for my money, they’re worth it.

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…have been in a cave for the last month, you might want to think about sending your camera to Canon service immediately. Seems this model has a problem with the mirror falling off. Apparently this has happened enough to warrant a recall and free repair by Canon. Check this link for more info: http://tinyurl.com/dennisblog

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The one thing …

What’s the one thing that separates the successful photographer from the rest of the camera-toting crowd? The willingness to learn from their mistakes. This means, of course, pushing that envelope and trying new things that will cause those mistakes in the first place!

Get out there and try something new today. Haven’t used a flash or, shudder, multiple flashes? Been afraid of the dark and haven’t experienced the thrill of time exposures? How about HDR? Go out there and be brave. We all make mistakes. Make yours and move forward.

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