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I had an interesting experience playing Call of Duty 3 on Xbox Live last night/early this morning. What started out as a routine night of carnage (for the 3rd night in a row!) and random slaughter turned into one of the more interesting experiences I’ve had online since the mid-eighties when I flew with a band of AirWarrior pilots known as the Flying Squirrels. Anyway, I was plugging along near midnight with several Brits and assorted non-Americans who seem to own the server at this time of night when I hooked up with a young ‘un that had some pretty mad driving skills. He drove and I manned the .50 cal for several trips across the Eder Dam map.Great fun. Call of Duty 3 screenieSince we both had headsets, we trash talked up a storm as we drove cross country like maniacs. Boy did we rack up the kills!Now here’s the good part.After the game ended, he invited over to the Poisson map to show me some “glitches.” Having heard about but never seen one, I dutifully followed him to the map of this quaint French village and got schooled on the fine art of “glitching.”Glitching, if you didn’t already know, is exploiting gaps in the texture mapping and game coding to allow your player to do things not normally allowed by game physics. Using the “glitch” allows you to shoot through walls, lurk unseen in the middle of a roaring fire or enter areas of the map that are off limits by design or terrain type….and that’s just the glitches my little Brit friend shared with me….on this one map. Neat.Don’t get me wrong, I think using the glitch is lame and cheating. However, now that I know where to find the three I know about on this particular map, I’ll never be ambushed by the unseen glitcher again….well, at least I’ll make it harder for him to kill me….. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I suck at these games. <clarification> I suck at these games when playing against teenagers. Betcha thought I’d be sharing these glitches with you here. You’d be wrong.Keep your head down, DTSh00ter out.

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