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Is it that I suck at Call of Duty 4 multiplayer or are some people truly gifted with what must be superhuman abilities in this game? I just switched from playing COD3 over to the modern warfare version of the game in hopes of being challenged. Oh boy, am I ever challenged. It didn’t take me long to find out just what sort of short-bus warrior I was at playing this game. Having learned the ins and outs of COD3, I was certain I was ready for a rollicking good time killing noobs in the virtual modern era. Six hours into the game and, so far, I’m the noob being schooled. Ouch. I’ve gotta admit the pace is much more frantic in COD4. From the time you first spawn into the game, I was impressed with the increased need for quickness. If you’re not running, you’re gonna die. Soon. Those days of camping out with a sniper rifle in COD3 are over, baby. If you stay in place after shooting your weapon just once, someone’s going to find you, kill you and Lipton your ass. Tea-bagging, while less prevalent here than in COD3, is still the universal sign that you’ve been owned. Check out my earlier post on this topic if you’ve never heard of tea-bagging or my elegant word for it… ANYHOW, the online arena for this game can be nasty. I’ve been called every carnal epithet in the book in the X-box live arenas. Most of the time it was for some stupid thing I had done to jeopardize other players   — like lingering in a doorway or not moving off my spawn point fast enough. I’m learning, however, and am slowly climbing the experience rating ladder. God help me. I still suck.

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