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Dear Diary,
The little kids have been real mean to me today.
I was minding my own business on the Eder Dam map of Call of Duty 3 when a mean sniping kid (I think he was eight!) planted one in my skull from about a quarter mile away. I never saw it coming. AND if that wasn’t bad enough…while waiting to spawn, I see him approach my prone, cold, dead body and start making humping motions over my corpse!!!
That’s right Diary, he was making his character go up and down on my body like some crazed dachshund on a particularly attractive leg. Sheesh! If this was the NFL, he’d get a flag for doing that. Make them stop. I want Mommy. Tea-bagging is the word for it. I was tea-bagged, pwned, in-your-faced by another player who wanted me to know without a doubt that he was better than me. Humping a corpse, if you didn’t know, is the universal sign for killing a newbie in a particularly humiliating manner. Examples are: killing using the flag as a weapon (in capture the flag contests), using a pistol at close range, killing with fists in melee combat, etc., etc.
Gotta admit that that combination of button B, button A over and over again was a bit funny. To me. You see, I’ve been gaming online since the early eighties when playing in cyberland was a bit pricey and putting up fools was part of the price. It was there that I first encountered that rare breed of player – the taunting jerk. You don’t have to play long to run into one and, for the thin skinned, the experience could raise even Ghandi’s blood pressure. They play to irritate and lord over others in a virtual environment where there’s little chance of getting the punch-out they so richly deserve.
For me though, it was funny. Up, down, up, down….Up, down.
Pity he didn’t notice one of my teammates sneaking up behind him.
We returned the favor.

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