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I had the pleasure of organizing a photowalk recently. After reading about the growing number of photo-oriented walks across the country and seeing some great photowalk photos on Flickr and photoblogs, I thought I’d throw out the idea and try to organize one at a local park/wildlife area.

Ducks in the late afternoon at Newport News Park

A late afternoon silhouette at Newport News Park (C) 2008 Dennis Tennant

Pulling together a diverse group of photographers from all skill levels wasn’t hard to do. I just invited some of the regular contributors to the HRTownsquare.com photo galleries and made a place for them to upload their work to afterward. In no time at all everything was ready.

Photographers enjoying a target-rich environment

Photowalkers enjoying a target-rich environment

I was truly surprised when over 25 photographers showed up for the event. We gathered, shared tips (as well as lenses) and enjoyed nature for over three hours. The result: a surprising number of awesome photos made by newbies as well as pro-level shooters. The best part of it all was meeting others who share my love of photography. It was a truly invigorating experience. Try hosting one, you won’t regret it.

Oh, if you joined in the fun, please share your experience here! Post a comment below.

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